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The business enterprise of CITC (as Cook Islands Trading Corporation Limited is widely known) is the largest and longest serving business enterprise in the Cook Islands. It was founded in 1891.

CITC trades through several divisions, each being part of the corporate entity Cook Islands Trading Corporation Limited registered at Rarotonga. Its operations include supermarkets, wholesale food distribution, department store, liquor store, building and hardware supplies, 24hr petrol station/store, pharmacy and airport duty free shops.

All operations are based on Rarotonga, the principal island of the Cook Islands.

CITC is a leader in the Cook Islands in all these activities.

CITC is the exclusive authorised distributor in the Cook Islands of many prominent brands, including Coca-Cola, Nike, Fisher & Paykel, Heineken, Panasonic, Anchor and Schweppes.

CITC has established a reputation as a merchant of the highest integrity.




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