CITC Avarua Print

CITC Avarua is Rarotonga's largest and most prominent department store. It comprises over 1,600m? of retail space and 1,000m2 of storage, and is the principal occupant of CITC Avarua Shopping Centre in central Avarua.

An extensive modernisation of CITC Avarua was completed in July 2011. Attractive and competitive shopping is the theme.

Major focus is given to ranges of items that appeal to visitors. These include an extensive range of modestly-priced gift items with Polynesian designs. Fashion clothing and accessories also feature.

CITC Avarua is renowned for competitively priced sportswear, particularly Nike.

CITC Avarua also sells whiteware, electronics, furniture, toys, books and other lines.

The Division also operates "Island Surf" and "Raro City Surf", surf stores featuring Billabong, Roxy and Quiksilver.